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The first physical store was inaugurated in the interior of São Paulo, in the city of Piracicaba. Today, the company already owns a store and two vending machines in the State of São Paulo. The trend is for growth and there are demands in various regions of the country. The secret that conquers is the confection: selected ingredients, of high quality, that guarantee a unique and inexplicable flavor. Besides, everything is done with great care and care. Among the divine flavors, the “Cure TPM”, which was the first to be created, is an absolute success among women and the best selling product in the store.

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Their cakes are to eat with the eyes, besides having an incomparable flavor. She began to describe this stuffing and I began to salivate. In fact, her recipe is a formal cake, but in the middle of our conversation she said, “It should look good as a pot cake.” I thought immediately of sharing this delight with you.
From the beginning, when the production of the cookies began, everything was well updated. It was always a daily task for our consumers to see that we worked well, with a lot of responsability, a lot of love, affection and love.

When we were one year old, we launched our blog where we told more about the entrepreneurial part of the thing, what we spent and learned in the first year of the company.

I want to share what worked for me, with you! And in that article, in addition to what I promised, which is the revenue, I’ll show you how I got out of the jobless to own my own business, working from home, to make a profit of $ 2,545.30 as soon as the second month, and Fifth month I have already made R $ 5,327.40 by simply doing: “Cakes in the Pot.”,

Be sure to follow our social networks, we are on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a bit difficult, because we spread the delights we produce in our kitchen daily. But it is quite pleasurable, we guarantee!

Since I am a master at making life easier, I advise you to buy a sponge cake ready on your favorite tablet. After all, who does not have a heart bakery? The dulce de leche can be ready too, but it can be done using a can of condensed milk cooked for 16 minutes in the pressure. The can should be closed and covered with water. Wait for the can to cool to open it to prevent burns. The pot may well be one of well-reusable preserved canning. Nothing easier, is it? Thank you so much, dear Juliana.

It all started in 2014, with the initiative of entrepreneurs Diogo Boaretto Marconato and Murilo Zambetta, who allied with innovation and passion for cooking. A new product came to revolutionize the candy market. Delicious cakes, 100% handmade, arranged in personalized glass containers. What was considered a hobbie, quickly grew exponentially, with the increase of orders and the conquest of new customers, becoming a successful business.

t back on top in the CRISIS from inside my own house with cake in the pot !!!

And in a short time, without waiting … I found myself the owner of my own business. And, better … using my time to spare, investing a lot of money to have the income I get today. And, everything went very fast !!!


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