Quero acabar com a Candidiase


For some experts, candidiasis is not a sexually transmitted disease, as it can occur even without intimate contact. Some studies indicate that the fungus may be in the vaginal flora, so when the resistance of the organism falls or when the vaginal resistance is low may occur the multiplication of the fungus and the manifestation of the symptoms.

How to Mitigate Symptoms


I had Candidiasis in all three pregnancies! She suffered horrors from the seizures and incredible as it may seem, they only happen when she was pregnant. By the fifteenth week they always showed up and that discomfort when walking, sitting and even wearing pants for many hours appeared. Sexual intercourse in seizures was practically impossible in the seizures! I felt a lot of pain and burning.

This will also help in curbing desires between meals. If you really want to have a snack between meals choose vegetables like boiled vegetables. An example would be broccoli, celery, carrots and other raw vegetables.
While fruits that are normally very healthy for the body, in the case of a diet against Candida, you will need to move away from most of them mainly those containing large amounts of sugar.

During the day the pregnant woman can make baths of seat with colder water. Cold water helps in reducing symptoms and helps a lot with itching.
Looser cotton panties make an incredible difference!
Avoid absorbents and daily protectors, stifling the region affected by Candidiasis can make a greenhouse effect and further increase the problem.
Hot baths are forbidden, prefer to have a colder shower in the vaginal area before you get out of the shower.
Author’s note

Of course, you should also stay away from anything that contains high levels of sugar, regardless of how difficult this may seem to you. For example soft drinks, chocolates and honey.


– Maintain a healthy diet. Eating fresh, nutrient-rich foods is the guarantee of providing all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to boost immunity;

– Practice physical exercises regularly, as they also strengthen the body’s defenses, in addition to providing a sensation of relaxation due to the release of endorphins, hormones that generate the sensation of pleasure.

– Sleep well. Sleeping well makes all the difference, so try to rest at least eight hours a day. Nasty nights accumulate fatigue, increase tension and impair immunity;

In addition to adopting these habits, it is important to reflect on the causes of stress, look for relaxing activities like acupuncture, meditation and yoga. If the problem persists, seek medical help to investigate the causes of stress.

Also known as Vaginal Monoliase, vaginal candidiasis is an infection caused by fungus, Candida or Monilia, which causes a thick, lumpy and whitish discharge, usually accompanied by irritation at the site.


Studies show that some factors are facilitators of this mycosis:

Other infections (eg by the HIV virus);
Immune deficiency;
Medications such as contraceptives and corticosteroids;
Unprotected sex with a contaminated partner;
Inappropriate clothing (tight clothing and wet bikinis; lycra and gym clothes that increase vaginal temperature);
Excessive vaginal showers.
Between 20% and 25% of cases of genital infections of infectious nature are due to Candidiasis. It is said that 75% of women have this infection at least once in their life.

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