These movements represent pleasure not only to the partner, but much more pleasure for the woman. “The practice of pompoar provides self-knowledge and thereby increases a woman’s self-esteem. These two combinations make the woman more confident and even daring, allowing herself to have and give more pleasure, “explains Lu.

According to Lu Pompoar, as the technique teacher is also known, pompoarismo is composed of a series of movements to exercise the muscles of the pelvis. Some simulate sucking the partner’s penis or holding and massaging the male member.

Lu has only one caveat regarding the use of accessories in the technique: “Some women have intrauterine problems and can not use accessories like balls or vibrators, so I always advise the new students to consult their gynecologist,” he explains.

The two professionals agree that there are no limitations to the practice of pompoarismo. Any woman can learn the exercises and benefit from the practice results. “I further recommend it to women who have had many pregnancies with normal births and those with signs of urinary incontinence,” the gynecologist warns.

But in this post I will explain how some specific exercises for men will help you increase your self esteem, manhood and self control.

From the English pompoir, pompoarismo is a set of techniques, of oriental origin, used in the strengthening and control of the muscles of the vagina, generally to increase the sexual pleasure. Widely known for its benefits to women, the word pompoarism comes from the Tamil language, spoken in Sri Lanka and southern India, and signifies mental command over the pubococcygeus muscle, the circumvaginal muscles, and the large lips of the woman’s vulva.

Pompoarismo for men is the technique of intimate gymnastics based on regular exercises that aid in coordination, skill and muscular strength.

Pompoarismo is the practice of pompoar. This sexual gymnastics known by select groups of people in India, Thailand, Indonesia and other Eastern countries, has spread all over the globe. This technique was developed by these people for more than 1,500 years.

Although it is generally associated with women because of the greater dissemination, the millenarian art of pompoarism or penile weightlifting, can also be practiced by men and still promises to enhance the quality of sex life and warm moments to two.

The technique also helps in the recovery of this postpartum muscle and in the prevention of genital flaccidity, which usually occur after these procedures.

Contrary to what many people think, pompoarism is not only to increase your sexual pleasure.

For pregnant women wishing to perform a normal birth, pompoarism can help them gain control over the pelvic press, which is very important for vaginal delivery.

And at last, rest!

Try to feel the air coming in and inflating your belly. Observe the movement by reducing the volume of the belly when the air comes out. The perception of breathing is fundamental to the practice of exercises.

Contract with a medium force, feel the muscles rise (contracting into you). Contract and relax 10 or 20 times. Rest 30 seconds, repeat this series 3 times.

If it’s too easy, do a series of 30 contractions. Rest 30 seconds and repeat the procedure three more times.

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O método desafio 3k 2.0 vale a pena mesmo?


You need to be unique, to make a difference in the middle so that the members of the group admire you and that you are in evidence.

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Challenge 3K is the cheapest, most practical and simple online training course available in Brazil to learn how to sell as an affiliate and without having to worry about creating a blog, creating videos for Youtube or having a list.

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Sixth stage: supply and sales

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Guia de Restituição do ICMS Funciona mesmo?


I dealt with the subject in the form of video and text, so you can choose the format that most pleases you (the text is just below the video). I liked the video more because it is easier to understand the part of calculations.

Having the ICMS refund improperly charged to the account is a right of ALL Brazilians, so why not fight for that right?

I do not want my hard-earned money to go to the government illegally. Are they always taking money out of our pocket with IPTU, IPVA, taxes and now this from ICMS?

You can not let them STEAL your money !!!

It turns out that I was studying a subject that interested me enough and for which I’m going to file an action on my own behalf and decided to share the information I got with my followers.

Do you know what action everyone is talking about, to refund the ICMS on the energy bill? So, I’m going to teach you today how to identify in the account the installments that can be repaid and how to calculate the refund amount.

The ICMS electric energy restitution guide works really! I had an excellent result following the step by step that they teach to gather all the necessary documents and give entry to my RIGHT!

The ICMS Restitution Guide for Electric Energy is complete – prepared with every step by step for every Brazilian to be able to recover his MONEY back! It’s a complete guide to your energy bill without undue tax!

I have been able to recover the ICMS charged improperly in the last 5 years. I confess that I would not have been able to put everything together and not even know the right way to get these papers …

And the value can be very high, after all have been years paying an undue amount in the electricity bills, every month!

What you should do is apply the ICMS rate to the value of each installment, then add and apply monetary correction. Recall that the rate varies according to the state, energy consumption and type of consumer. In this case, it is possible to verify that the aliquot of the account used as an example is 25% (highlighted in pink).

The ICMS Restitution Guide was prepared by Henrique Peratto, a tax specialist. Its goal is to help every Brazilian to get their lost money back, which has been paid unduly in the beads for years.

To better understand that it is your right to receive this money back and to make sure that the ICMS Restitution Guide works, and may also help you, check out the article about Professor Miguel Lima below:

[Note: To learn how to get the last 60 energy bills, read this article: How to get the electricity bills for the ICMS refund action]


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